Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort is a True Eco & Wild life Resort in the Jim Corbett National Park. The real goal of the management of Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort is to encourage morals in individuals with respect to forest and wildlife, teach students and individuals about the gifts of mother nature and make them contributing members by inspiring them in conserving the flora and fauna as well as hygiene of atmosphere.

As an eco-tourist destination Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort has much more to offer than one can even imagine. Visiting Jim Corbett National Park and a stay at Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort ensures a vacation full of FUN, ADVENTURE and NATURE. The visit at Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort not only de-stresses you but also refreshes your mind, body and senses. The resort is ideally suited for individuals who are looking forward for a quiet and peaceful vacation away from the hectic schedule of the city life and in the arms of nature.

On your trip to Ashokas Tiger Trail Resort Corbett National Park guests can go for a variety of jungle related activities like Jeep Safaris, Nature Walks, Jungle Treks, Canter Safari, Angling, Bird watching expeditions and adventure activities like rappelling, Slithering etc. Each activity has been designed to provide maximum adventure and enhance knowledge of individuals with respect to nature and forest. The stay at Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort will fulfill every individuals craving for jungle adventure, exploration and would enhance love and care for Mother Nature.